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October 14, 2011

Students aboard at Gaspé


Gaspé, October 4, 2011 – The MS Eurodam and the MS Maasdam will be anchoring in Gaspé Bay on October 13 and 19 and on these two occasions, school children from the Eastern Shores School Board will have the unique opportunity to board the ships for an exploratory visit. A first among the ports of call along the St. Lawrence, this project stems from an initiative of Mr. Don Barclay from the Community Learning Centre, who contacted Escale Gaspésie about this project. According to Mr. Barclay, one of the objectives of the CLC is to bring the community into the schools and the schools out into the community.

This activity has different objectives for the students:

‘’One of the classes is doing a geography unit and planning to track the cruise ship and find out about oceans, countries and continents.

Grade 9 students in Personal Orientation Program (POP) class are interested in discovering the workings of the ship, and different career possibilities in this industry.

Another group of students in the Work Oriented Training Program (WOTP) would be thrilled to see the kind of jobs that people do on board a luxury liner.

According to the entrepreneurship class teacher, a visit on board would be a great stimulation for the students to think about the impact of tourism in this region and the need for entrepreneurs in this industry, i.e. Waterfront, hotel and restaurant development, etc.”

Escale Gaspésie, who has had this project in mind for some time now, is thrilled with this initiative which will open the world of Cruise Industry Tourism to future generations.

Escale Gaspésie, whose mission is related to the development of the tourist cruise industry, is working to develop, promote, and operate a port of call at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula.


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