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October 6, 2009

Cruise line environmental initiatives: more than just going with the flow

Québec City, October 6, 2009-The Québec Port Authority (QPA) held an information meeting Friday, September 25 onboard the MS Eurodam to discuss important environmental issues and new technology being used to better manage cruise ship waste.

In collaboration with Northwest Cruiseship Association (NWCA) and Holland America Line, a select group of environmentalists and maritime industry representatives took part in this information meeting showcasing proper waste management, environmental management procedures, and how investment in new technology can facilitate the process.

The tour of the Eurodam gave participants a look at some of the concrete ways that this ship effectively manages waste to reduce adverse environmental impacts as much as possible. Here are a few of Holland America Line's practices:

  • Treat the blackwater and graywater produced by the passengers and ship's services with cutting edge technology equipement.
  • Shore power (when available) is used to reduce atmospheric emissions and fuel consumption when in port
  • Plastic bottles are shredded and disposed of at ports with facilities to deal with them
  • Cruising speed is reduced to save fuel

Certified ISO 14001 for its environmental systems management, Holland America Line has received numerous industry awards for its outstanding environmental protection efforts. Its environmental management program is based on the regulations of the ship's flag state and the port or region  of call. The program also establish strict rules for managing waste water, fuel, atmospheric emissions, solid waste, plastic and other recyclable materials, and more. The program was established by upper management in partnership with government authorities. The participation of crew members as well as passengers helps keep the program improving continuously. For example, a pilot project is underway aboard two of the fleet's ships to reduce waste of fruit placed in staterooms. By simply asking passengers to state their preference, Holland America Line saved 10,000 gallons of fruit.

As this tour demonstrated, environmental management for Holland America Line is much more than just a set of instructions to follow. It is a veritable corporate philosophy by which every manager, crew member, and passenger has a role to play in preserving the future of this market.

Quebec's international cruise industry generates direct economic spinoffs of nearly $80 million, with each passenger spending daily an average of $118 per port of call. The province recorded its best cruise season ever in 2008, with some 150,000 passengers visiting nine ports of call along the St. Lawrence River.




Patrick Robitaille
Vice President Marketing and Development
Quebec Port Authority
Tel.: 418-648-4956

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